General conditions of recognition

27.The 2009 Act will require us to set and publish general conditions of recognition that awarding organisations will be required to meet. Enforcement action can be taken if the conditions are not met. In the past we have had a general expectation that awarding organisations should continue to meet the criteria against which they are recognised, and that required awarding organisations to meet requirements such as following codes of practice. Initially, we therefore propose to set in place some clear and simple general conditions that will:
  • allow us to meet our statutory obligations
  • ensure that awarding organisations continue to meet the regulatory requirements expected of them
  • avoid imposing unnecessary burdens on awarding organisations.
28.We therefore propose to apply the following general conditions of recognition from 1 April 2010. An awarding organisation must:
  • continue to meet the relevant recognition criteria for the qualifications or credits in respect of different components of a qualification that it has been recognised to award
  • continue to comply with the accreditation criteria, any regulatory arrangements and any codes of practice specifically applying to the regulated qualifications or components that it is awarding as set out at Annex B
  • only award QCF qualifications that comprise components or rules of combination that have met the relevant requirements and been developed by organisations that have also met the relevant requirements
  • inform Ofqual if it intends not to award a specific qualification for which it is recognised
  • ensure that all conflicts of interest that might impact on the credibility of the regulated system, including those arising from the provision of education and/or training and the award of the resulting qualification, are managed appropriately
  • deal with Ofqual in an open, cooperative way and disclose to Ofqual any information or issues of which a regulator would reasonably expect to be aware
  • provide any other information that Ofqual reasonably considers necessary for the discharge of its functions and achievement of its objectives
  • inform Ofqual of any qualifications and components that they award.
29.In due course these general conditions may be amended.

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